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Design process

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your design project progressed as quickly as they do on the television shows? Imagine…. you sign a letter of agreement and voila the demo crew is at your front door at 7:00 a.m. the next morning ready to go! Ok, ok, time for a little reality check. Here’s a brief outline of the real phases an interior design project moves through so you know what to expect before you begin, and feel comfortable with the process.


Step 1: Listen(meeting)

The first communication is to learn about your needs and concerns and how we can assist you. Getting to Know You. . .

Gathering information

Step 2: Gathering information

At the first meeting, your goals, budget, scope of project and timeline will be discussed. This complimentary session allows both of us the opportunity to decide if we would work well together. It is critical that we all feel comfortable with each other.

Design(if any correction & agree)

Step 3: Design(if any correction & agree)

Through our exclusive, fun interviewing method called “archetyping”, your unique style and personality is captured and examined which determines the design direction of your project.

The Design Begins. . . Design plans including samples, drawings, space plans, pricing and specifications are prepared. When a project dictates the need, an architect, lighting specialist and engineer will be consulted. This process results in a high level of a creative, functional and safe environment.


Step 4: Estimation

A design contract including the scope of the project and fees will be composed and reviewed with you so all are in agreement and ready to proceed. Your trust in us won’t be taken lightly, but will be the pillar of our process.


Step 5: Agree

We’re engaged and we’re starting to build something new together. This phase is filled with excitement, surprises, and a few “I-Never-Knew-It-Could-Be–Like This” exclamations, sprinkled with a “Ohhh- Maybe-We Should – Re-Visit – The Budget” moment. Designers (most) live for the Construction Phase! We get to see our ideas come to life and that smile on your face. We stop by the job site frequently to oversee the sub-contractors and ensure work is progressing on schedule and as planned. We meet with you weekly to address any of your concerns. Following construction, we coordinate the delivery and installation of your new furnishings, accessories and artwork. It’s like Christmas morning all over again!


Step 6: Execute

The success of any design project depends on three main factors:

  • Absolutely clear, detailed and well-conceived design
  • High quality of the Interior and finishing works
  • Design implementation supervision and assistance in the selection of materials and furnishing.